Turkey Shipment AIR / SEA

Shipping: In more developed countries, the meaning of international logistics extended beyond transportation and delivery. Being one of the most crucial area for every business and market, international transportation sector now pushes companies to keep up with change. Employees, clients, vendors and shareholdes, bringing every stakeholder together, international logistics chain requires effective change management.

We are transporting your shipments by AIR or SEA (20''/40'' Container)


    we are shipping from Marport / Yarımca / Yılport / Asya Port / Kumport / Mardas / Akcansa 20'' or 40'' Container, refrigerated or two senders possible to Berbera / mogadıshu Port


    we are shipping from SAW and AHL to HARGEISA


    shipping to Somalia from every Country through Turkey is possible

  • International transportation

    International logistics term in developed countries has a more advanced meaning than the aspect of transport and supply. International logistics sector which has been an indispensable element of almost every sector forces the enterprises to change.

    International logistics chain which gathers different partners such as employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders requires an effective change management. Also the benefit facilitated by infrastructure works (port, railroad, land, warehouse etc.) which will enable such service to be implemented has a great importance.
    Our country is one of the shining stars of international logistics sector with its strategic location in respect of international logistics, development of the current infrastructure, quick change in transportation policies, and concordance studies on the related legislation.

    Our company which tries to have a place in the international transportation sector with firm steps provides services according to the definition of logistics term. We deliver a commodity received from your place via bonded warehouse, duty free warehouse and customs consultancy, which is our solution partner, in any location you would require by international transportation ways. Our company alternatively provides services in courier transportation and also provides consultancy services.


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